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Facades washing and cleaning

Washing and cleaning facades

A clean facade is the face of the owner, which emphasizes his status and attitude to order.

Our team of professional industrial climbers offers comprehensive cleaning of the facades of business and shopping centers, shops, restaurants of high-rise residential buildings.

We have extensive experience in washing facades – we select the most effective detergents and equipment so that the facade retains its attractive appearance for as long as possible.

We wash and clean the following types of surfaces:

  • facades lined with glass or cor-ten metal;
  • ventilated facades made of composite and ceramic panels;
  • facades lined with HPL panels;
  • facades of buildings that are lined with natural brick or clinker tiles;
  • insulated facades with decorative finishing such as “lamb” or “bark beetle”.

Facades are washed manually (glass or composite), as well as using high-pressure machines such as karcher.

On buildings that have porous surfaces, we additionally waterproof the walls, which protects them from the appearance of efflorescence and the settling of soot from cars.

Our entire team of climbers undergoes annual recertification for labor safety when performing high-altitude work – this allows us to safely and quickly carry out facade cleaning work.

We have all the permits to perform work at height and provide services to private customers, the commercial and public sectors.

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