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Lifting loads to a height by alpinists - Kyiv and suburbs

Lifting cargo to the height of the climbers

Often, residents of high-rise buildings need to lift large-sized cargo into their apartment, which does not pass through the doorway, elevator or flight of stairs. In this case, we can offer you to solve this problem with the help of special climbing equipment and rigging.

Rigging KyivOur “Alp Star” team provides the following services:

  • Lifting jacuzzi and plastic pools;
  • Lifting porcelain stoneware and large format tiles;
  • Lifting sofas and other furniture to a height;
  • Lifting double-glazed windows and architectural glass;
  • Raising countertops through the window;
  • Lifting air conditioners and split systems;
  • Rigging of metal structures, trusses, beams, screws;
  • Rigging of industrial equipment, machine tools, presses;
  • Lifting window frames and profiles to a height.
Benefits of lifting loads by alpinists:
  • This is more mobile and faster than using heavy winches and cables. Hanging a rope hoist usually takes no more than 2 hours.
  • This is cheaper than using aerial platforms or cranes, which cannot always reach the desired floor.
  • Roofing and facade remain undamaged.
  • Possibility of manipulation along complex trajectories – placing the load under the eaves, behind the ventilation shafts and bypassing the air conditioners.
  • Safety of cargo and people. The work is carried out using only certified equipment, which, according to passport data, is designed for a weight of 2 to 5 tons. Except for the main ropes and lifting hoist, in most cases, the cargo is insured additionally.
Lifting goods by alpinists – the price corresponds to the method of lifting and the amount of work!


Cargo type


Furniture weighing up to 100 kgfrom 4000 UAH
Furniture weighing over 100 kgfrom 6000 UAH
Double-glazed window weighing up to 100 kgfrom 5000 UAH
Double-glazed window weighing more than 100 kgfrom 8000 UAH
Lifting any cargo along a complex trajectory or onto a terracenegotiable

Prompt and safe lifting of cargo to a height (Kyiv) – answers to all your questions by phone
(067) 25-82-999 or by e-mail:

Main stages of work:

First of all, let’s divide the entire process into the following steps:

  • Familiarization of our specialist with the object (building), cargo and lifting conditions;
  • Proper preparation (packaging) of the item to be lifted;
  • Preparation of the route for the cargo movement (implemented if necessary):
    • Production of brackets or other metal structures for safe lifting;
    • Railings dismantling on entryways;
    • Window frame dismantling or window opening widening.
  • Preparation of a chain hoist system and / or railings for lifting loads to a height;
  • Correct fastening;
  • Lifting zone fencing;
  • Hanging railings for steeplejacks in order to accompany the cargo;
  • Lifting the load directly into the apartment or onto the terrace;
  • Dismantling of all auxiliary structures (if any).

At the familiarization stage, our specialist measures the height of the building, the characteristics of the object – dimensions, weight, fragility. In cases where the glass is raised, we strongly recommend that the Customer sand the edges. We also find out the type of the roof, the presence of “points” for reliable fastening of the railing, the measurement of window openings, elevators and flights of stairs (in cases where the apartment has 2 or more floors). At this stage (if necessary), all approvals are carried out with the balance holder of the building (Housing Office, Associations of Co-owners of Apartment Buildings), maintenance and labor protection engineers.

The item packaging is determined by its nature. Furniture, musical instruments, jacuzzi, pools are most often brought in their original packaging. In order not to damage the cargo, we usually recommend that the Customer make sure that the packaging is secure, and it would be better, if the Customer sends us a photo. This way we can prepare and, by the time of lifting the cargo, we can pack the item. With glass lifting  to a height (double-glazed windows or glass partitions), the situation is somewhat more complicated! Firstly, we strongly recommend that the Client orders glass with ground edges – only in this case we can take responsibility for its integrity. Secondly, for manipulations with large-sized glass (from 1.5x2m), “cassette-cases” are pre-made from the board; they ensure its safety when lifting the cargo to the floor. Thirdly, the lifting process must be accompanied by steeplejacks in order to avoid hitting the glass cassette against air conditioners, cornices, walls or other obstacles. Fourthly, the moment of passage of the cassette with glass into the opening must be accompanied by a large number of “hands” in order to avoid the cassette inflection through the window sill or other relief.

Preparation of the route for oversized cargo  lifting to the apartment (Kyiv) should be carried out no less carefully than other stages. If the roof is made in such a way that there are no reliable points for fastening cables on it, then such points have to be created using metal or chemical anchors. It is also possible to temporarily dismantle the roofing (slate or metal tiles) and fasten it to the truss system. In cases where the load needs to be lifted onto a terrace or into a dome, above which there is nothing, it is necessary to make a metal welded structure from channels and attach a chain hoist or other lifting mechanism to it. There are cases when it is impossible to lift the load either in the elevator or on the flight of stairs. In such situations, the object is lifted to the floor as close as possible (to the needed one), it is brought through the “cold transition” to the entryway, where the railing is cut off, and from the entryway it is brought into the apartment. Such cases include the lifting of cargo through the window. This is the last and most painful variant for the Client, but sometimes it is the only one. In such circumstances, the window frame is dismantled, and sometimes a part of the wall too. Often, a financial issue prompts such a decision – after all, if an expensive sofa that was being brought from Italy for six months has already been bought, then it is much cheaper to restore the window and slopes.Preparation of mechanisms for rigging usually takes no more than 1-2 hours. It is conditionally possible to divide these mechanisms into chain hoists (using blocks, cables and carbines) and mechanical winches (hoists). In 98% of cases, chain hoists are used. The elements that are used to create them are tested in strength laboratories and can withstand loads up to 50 kN (5000 kg). The use of climbing equipment is also due to its versatility – from the same elements it is possible to manufacture various configurations of lifting mechanisms, which allows you to move the load along complex trajectories.

Increased attention to securing the load is due, first of all, to the fact that at a height, the receivers should be able to conveniently and easily remove it from the lifting mechanism at the right angle to the opening.The lifting area is pre-fenced with signal tapes to avoid people and cars being in it. It is worth noting that the higher the building, the larger the safe zone should be. Also, the size of the zone can be influenced by the cargo type and weather conditions.

When lifting heavy or oversized loads along a complex trajectory, it is necessary for it to be accompanied by high-altitude climbers. Firstly, they will eliminate vibrations and hits of the load against the wall, and, secondly, they will prevent damage to air conditioners, satellite dishes and windows that might happen along in the way of lifting the load.

The lifting of the load to a height can be carried out in several stages. For example, if the position of an object needs to be changed right in the air. There are also frequent cases when not two or three objects have to be lifted in one trip. Naturally, such a process is much cheaper in relation to only one raised unit, but in such cases we often had to finish our work late at night, which was not always pleasant for the residents.

Dismantling is an integral part of the process. After all, everything that was mounted needs to be disassembled, and everything that was disassembled must be returned to its original position and handed over to the representative of the Housing Office in order to avoid possible conflicts between the participants in the process (Client, Balance Holder and Alp Star employees) in the future.

Surely, in this article we have given not all the options and cases for the production of this type of work. But in any case, we hope that this information will help you in the best possible way to understand the specifics and choose a qualified contractor.

Lifting glass on the facade