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Glass Replacement in Kyiv. Facade Glazing

Засклення та заміна склопакетів

Alp Star offers a full range of high level glazing and glass replacement services. Our expertise, extensive experience and rope access techniques allow us to properly perform work at any height, and cooperation with glass manufacturers allow our Customers to escape all troubles connected with production and delivery of separate glass units.

Alp Star rope access technicians provide the following services:
  • Glazing inspection (visual). It is carried out by industrial climbers outside the building. During inspection, defects are revealed not only in glazing units, but also in pressure plates, decorative cover caps, reveals, and thermal breaks. Upon completion of glazing inspection, we provide the Client with a photo report describing the revealed defects and recommendations regarding their rectification or replacement.
  • Glazing measurement. It is done in case the façade technical documentation is missing, but the Client needs to have cracked glass be replaced with new one. Rope access technicians demount pressure plates to measure a width and height of glass units. Our Company bear the responsibility for the measurement results provided to the Client.
  • Manufacturing glazing units. We have a reliable experience in cooperation with the leading glass manufacturers in Kyiv, and thanks to that we can quickly and properly order a glass unit to be produced and delivered to the required location. If a formula of film coating is unknown, we may need a piece of glass to analyse it.
  • Glass replacement on vertical facades. In the event a glazing unit is damaged, or the Customer wants to replace a window pane with bulletproof or low-emissivity glass, or to change a façade colour, we are ready to do all scope of works on a turnkey basis. By using suction caps and block and tackle systems, our glaziers will demount a damaged glass unit, lift a new glass unit on the floor, install it into the window opening, and seal joints.

Glass façade caulking and sealing. Caulking is required when insulation is damaged in mullions and transoms or in joints of spider glazing systems. It is unnecessary to remove a glazing unit to be sealed. It is simply enough to demount pressure plates, strip back old sealant, clean out a base, and fill a joint with new glass sealant.

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