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Facade Repair in Kyiv. Facade Restoration

Facade repair

Building facades are continuously exposed to negative and destroying effects. Sharp temperature drops, atmospheric precipitation, traffic-induced vibrations, UV radiation – these are the main contributors to the aging of facades. Exterior appearance of the building is its public image and reputation of a company. This is the main reason why it is highly important to have the façade timely inspected and repaired.

If to have in mind not only aesthetics of a building, then timely repair of facade can extend the lifetime of the building and keep its technical characteristics unchanged.

Alp Star has decades of experience in rope access repair and restoration of building facades in Kyiv. Thanks to modern rope access techniques and proper quality assurance, our professional industrial abseilers can manage all your tasks easily and effectively.

We provide the following services:
  • Inspection of facades to reveal defects;
  • Removal of old cladding from facades and cleaning;
  • All types of finishing works, namely façade priming, rendering/plastering, spackling and painting;
  • Thermal insulation of facades in Kyiv;
  • Restoration of decorative and architectural elements.

You are welcome to request our free-of-charge consultation and to invite our specialist to visit your property. All our rope access façade works are covered with a five-year warranty.

Alp Star deals with both private and state-owned properties and offers professional façade repair and restoration services for different type of buildings:
  • Residential properties such as detached houses and mansions;
  • Administrative and office buildings;
  • Multi-dwelling units and block properties;
  • Industrial buildings.

If you want to invite our specialist or to hire our services, feel free to call us at
+380 67 258 2999 or e-mail us at

Facade Work Performance Steps and Their Specific Aspects

The same as there are no two identical persons on the Earth, there are no completely identical façades. Each and every façade is unique in terms of shape, size, cladding and severity of exposure to natural and man-made hazards. Therefore, in order not to face an issue of repairs every 2-3 years, Alp Star skilled rope access team selects the most appropriate set of works and materials in each separate case.

Facade works can be roughly divided into the following steps:

  • Facade inspection;
  • Development of restoration project design (if necessary);
  • Based on project design, development and approval of cost estimate documents, and execution of contract;
  • Obtaining approvals from competent government authorities in Kyiv;
  • Erection of scaffolding, platforms (boards) and installation of debris netting (in case of rope access, netting is not required);
  • Facade cleaning (removal of efflorescence, old rendering and painting coatings);
  • Facade priming – treatment of base layer;
  • Restoration of architectural elements (if required);
  • Preparation of surfaces for finish coating (plastering on beacons);
  • Application of quartz primer;
  • Facade decorative rendering (rustic-textured coating, vermiculite coating and others);
  • Facade painting (acrylic, silicate and silicone resin emulsion paints);
  • Installation of metal sills, drip caps and rainwater systems.

This list is not comprehensive, especially when it comes to overhaul of facades, which could require installation of steel structures for strengthening building envelope, shotcreting, marble or granite cladding.