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Lifting double-glazed windows by alpinists - Kyiv and suburbs

Підйом склопакетів альпіністами

Today, in modern high-rise construction, almost no building can do without the use of glazing on the facade. In their works, architects are increasingly designing panoramic glazing of the upper floors. The only trouble is that designers do not always think about the difficulties in implementing such ideas, especially when it comes to jumbo-format double-glazed windows. Such double-glazed windows have large dimensions and weight – it is not possible to lift them in an elevator or up a flight of stairs.


Lifting double-glazed windows with a suction cupOur team has extensive experience in working with glass:


  • lifting double-glazed windows and architectural glass along the facade;
  • accompaniment of the work of window makers on the facade;
  • dismantling and installation of wide format double-glazed windows;
  • installation of glass visers and partitions;
  • replacement of blind double-glazed windows with tilt-and-turn transoms;
  • lifting and installation of armored double-glazed windows.


For work with double-glazed windows, we use reliable lifting and vacuum equipment from world-famous manufacturers such as “Wood’s Powr Grip” and “Kappel”.


Replacement of double-glazed windows climbersWe have in our arsenal our own lifts of various types:

  • cable for climbing to the roof and terrace;
  • cable for climbing the facade or flight of stairs;
  • chain – for fine manipulations with heavy double-glazed windows.


What is the advantage of working with us?
  • low cost of work compared to renting a large-tonnage truck crane;
  • absence of all kinds of bureaucratic procedures for the installation of a truck crane or the installation of a facade cradle;
  • efficiency of planning – in typical cases, we are able to turn around for lifting within a day from the moment of contacting us;
  • complete safety of the load being lifted – in almost all cases, we manufacture casings for double-glazed windows to prevent damage to them.


What affects the price of double-glazed windows lifting?

The cost of work consists of a number of parameters: dimensions and weight, the shape of double-glazed windows (there are flat and radial), the architecture of the building and the height of the lifting, timing and other objective reasons.


To clarify the preliminary cost of double-glazed windows  lifting in Kyiv, please contact us by phone
(067) 25-82-999 or by mail