Tree Climbing. Removal of Trees in Kyiv and Kyiv Region. Tree Pruning

Tree work

Alp Star rope access technicians will quickly and safely perform such tree work:

  • Removal of dangerous trees
  • Cutting down a tree in sections
  • Removal of dead branches
  • Cutting mistletoe from trees
  • Tree pruning

In order to perform tree work at height in a safe manner, our highly-skilled climbing arborists use industrial rope access techniques and specialty rigging equipment. If the scope of work is large, and the territory is enough for a mobile elevating work platform to drive in, we will consider alternative options to offer you the best tree removal service possible at the lowest cost.

If you need to remove a dead or hazardous tree in cemetery without damaging grave monuments and headstones, we will do this task very carefully for you.

If there is a danger of damaging your power lines by a tree, we will safely trim all offending branches.

If you have expensive ornamental plants growing around a dangerous tree, we will cut down a tree without any damage to the surroundings.

If dead branches can injure visitors of your restaurant or damage your gazebos, we will successfully tackle this challenge.

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Tree Removal Techniques

Please take the time to look over this page and get a better understanding of how we remove trees and what you can expect.

The cost of Alp Star tree climbing services depends on tree removal techniques, which can be roughly divided into four types:

Felling the entire tree. This freefall technique is used when there is no possibility to damage structures or other plants close to the tree. A notch also known as a wedge is cut to help direct the tree where to go. When the wood hits the ground, the trunk is cut into smaller sections (or into the Customer’s desired lengths).

Felling the entire tree using taglines. A climbing arborist ascends the tree and attaches two ropes to the top of it. Then, the arborist ascends another two trees close to the target one and attaches one pulley to each tree and passes ropes through them. Terminations of these ropes are lowered and attached to friction lowering devices at the base of the trunk. When the main trunk is secured, a notch is cut in the tree, and it falls at the angle to the ground by pulling taglines and does not hit the ground. Two ground workers control lowering devices and guide the tree to fall in the desired direction. When the tree is too heavy, before cutting it down, all limbs and branches are removed.

Cutting down a tree in sections without rigging. When there is no enough room to safely drop the entire tree (for example, any structures or lawn in the landing area), the tree must be taken apart in sections. A tree climber ascends the tree using a ladder, a throwline or climbing spurs/spikes. While climbing towards the top of the tree, all branches are cut leaving 20-30 cm stubs, which will be used as foot locking during descending the tree. Once the branches are clipped, the climbing arborist starts to cut up the trunk into pieces. The length of each piece is calculated based on a diameter of the trunk. If the size of the piece is miscalculated, when dropping down, it can injure a worker or hit the trunk creating additional danger for the cutter holding a running chainsaw.

Cutting down a tree in sections using rigging techniques. It is the most labour intensive and dangerous removal method for a climbing arborist but the safest one for you. It is used when the tree is close to a building, swimming pool, fence or other structures. The tree climber ascends a near-by tree and attaches a pulley block for passing a rope through it. Using this rope, the climber descends the tree. One side of the rope is passes through a friction lowering device and the other side of the rope is taken by the arborist to the tree to be cut down. In addition to the secured rope, the tree climber takes one more rope to lift taglines after lowering the cut section to the ground. Each section is rigged with two ropes and smoothly lowered at the safe landing area.

Alp Star team of rope access professionals continually implement new practices and methods for removing trees and dead branches, cutting mistletoe from trees and pruning tree crowns in the best, safest, most efficient and cost effective way possible.