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Air conditioning installation by alpinists - Kyiv and satellite cities

Air conditioning installation by alpinists

One of the main conditions for comfort in an apartment or an office is its temperature. It is very important that the apartment is cool in the summer heat, and today this is very simply solved by installing an air conditioner. But not always the installation of an external unit can be carried out by installers alone. Often it is necessary to move the outdoor unit to an inaccessible place on the facade, and then the Customer needs the help of industrial alpinists.


Stages of installation work:
  • arrangement of the route from the indoor unit (drilling a hole, laying the power cable and pipes);
  • dismantling of thermal insulation or other facade cladding;
  • installation of metal brackets and a decorative basket;
  • lifting and installation of the outdoor unit in the design position;
  • flaring of pipes, switching and filling the system with freon.


Why is it profitable to carry out installation work with us?
  • we have special tools available;
  • in our team there are climbers with experience in such kind of work;
  • with a large weight / size of the block, we are able to organize a chain hoist for its lifting;
  • we are able to organize safe and reliable installation in the most inaccessible places of the facade.


What can affect the cost of installing an air conditioner by an alpinist?


Depending on the size and weight, the price for installation and lifting of the unit may vary. Facade cladding can also affect the final cost – it can be tiles, thermal insulation made of mineral wool or a ventilated hinged facade. The need to pre-install a basket or its absence.


To clarify the preliminary cost of work, please contact us by phone
(067) 25-82-999 or by mail