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Prices for Facade Works

Facade Repairs
scaffolding erectionsq.mfrom 25 UAH
facade protective nettingsq.mfrom 10 UAH
facade surveys and inspectionsq.mfrom 5 UAH
dismantling of hazardous building componentssq.mfrom 150 UAH
restoration of stucco mouldingselementto be agreed
facade rendering/plasteringsq.mfrom 80 UAH
facade spacklingsq.mfrom 80 UAH
minimum order value for facade restorationpcs.15,000 UAH
Facade Winterization (Thermal Insulation of Facades)
mineral wool insulationsq.mfrom 400 UAH
rigid foam board insulationsq.mfrom 300 UAH
thermal insulation of window and door revealsLMfrom 200 UAH
thermal insulation of cast-in-situ (inter-storey) stripsLMfrom 150 UAH
minimum order value for thermal insulation of façade wallspcs.25,000 UAH
Facade Painting
priming of facadessq.mfrom 25 UAH
painting facade in one colour (in one coat)sq.mfrom 30 UAH
painting facade in one colour (in two coats)sq.mfrom 50 UAH
painting facade in two and more colourssq.mto be agreed
waterproofing of facadessq.mfrom 50 UAH
removal of salt efflorescencesq.mfrom 50 UAH
minimum order valuepcs.15,000 UAH
Expansion Joint Caulking and Sealing in Building Envelope
initial caulkingLMfrom 100 UAH
secondary caulking (unselected)LMfrom 120 UAH
secondary caulking (selected)LMfrom 100 UAH
joint caulking with insulationLMfrom 200 UAH
caulking with full stripping of joint and insulationLMfrom 250 UAH
minimum order valuepcs.5,000 UAH
Glass Installation and Replacement (Structural Glazing)
replacement of glass unit (with weight of under 50 kg)pcs.from 3,000 UAH
replacement of glass unit (with weight of under 100 kg)pcs.from 4,000 UAH
replacement of glass unit (with weight of above 100 kg)pcs.from 7,000 UAH
glass unit replacement in hard-to-reach be agreed
window caulking and sealingLMfrom 80 UAH
minimum order value for glazing or glass replacementpcs.8,000 UAH
Installation of Gutters and Downpipes
first-time installation of rainwater downpipesLMfrom 120 UAH
replacement of rainwater downpipesLMfrom 150 UAH
dismantling of rainwater downpipesLMfrom 50 UAH
minimum order value for repairing rainwater systemspcs.3,500 UAH
* The final cost of works will be determined only after inspection of your facility by Alp Star specialist and depends on scope and complexity of works, and deadlines.
* minimum individual order value: 3,500 UAH