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Prices for Cleaning Services

Facade Washing and Cleaning
post-construction washing of facades sq.m from 45 UAH
initial washing (unselected) sq.m from 30 UAH
planned washing (unselected) sq.m from 15 UAH
washing inclined surfaces sq.m from 65 UAH
window cleaning sq.m from 50 UAH
cleaning composite ventilated facades sq.m from 15 UAH
high-pressure washing of facades sq.m from 20 UAH
waterproofing of façades sq.m from 50 UAH
removal of salt efflorescence sq.m from 40 UAH
minimum order value pcs. 4,500 UAH
* The final cost of works will be determined only after inspection of your facility by Alp Star specialist and depends on scope and complexity of works, and deadlines.
* minimum individual order value: 4,500 UAH